Romancing SaGa En;gliSh

Beginning the another SaGa.

零姫 Princess Rei

[わらわはレイじゃ]零姫 [I Am Rei] Princess Rei
Even Orlouge will find it hard to follow me to this world. His persistence is vexing. Does he not realize the chased will run? Lord of Temptation? An ill-fitting name.


[遊びではないぞ]零姫 [This Isn't a Game] Princess Rei
Did you think this is some sort of game? With power comes sacrifice, but a Mystic's power knows no bounds. That is why humans should not use it lightly.


[おみくじに頼るのか?]零姫 [Trust Your Fortune?] Princess Rei
Your future is yours to design, isn't it? Do you trust your fortune? If it's a good lot, will you do nothing? I have as many sacred lots as I can sell. So, do what you want.


[賑やかな夜だ]零姫 [A Bustling Night] Princess Rei
Some pray quietly. Some ring bells and sing. Each person has their own way of devoting their heart to something. It's a noble pursuit to cleanse the heart and soul before the new year. It is not a day to ask for gifts.


[いよいよ新年じゃ]零姫 [A New Year at Last] Princess Rei
Everyone, come outside. Let us see the new year's sunrise. I cannot say how many times I have seen this sight, yet the first day of the year is always special. It never fails to renew my heart.