Romancing SaGa En;gliSh

Beginning the another SaGa.

かみ Creator

[やっときましたね]かみ [I've Been Waiting for You] Creator


Congratulations! You are the first over these 30 years to make it through the SaGa worlds. Your return to my presence was not part of the plan, but I shall give you my blessing nevertheless.


[いきもののサガか]かみ [Destiny of Mortals] Creator


Are you sure? How amusing... You are trying to pick a fight with me! Very well. Remember the greatness of my power!


[神は退屈な仕事です]かみ [Such a Monotonous Job] Creator


I am constantly writing the fates of others, but the pile of work only gets taller. I hardly have any time to catch a breath. So, I tried to write down my own fate, the end of which is fast approaching. It is truly fascinating.


[絶対の存在]かみ [Absolute Being] Creator

I create the laws of the world. From them, time and matter are born. Time and matter bring forth activity, which brings me joy. There is no right or wrong in activity itself. Even if it brings me death, so be it.