Romancing SaGa En;gliSh

Beginning the another SaGa.

ミルザ Mirsa

[銀の戦士ミルザ]ミルザ [The Silver-Clad Warrior] Mirsa


Under the guidance of the gods, I became a knight to walk the righteous path. There may be a few more rules, but the feeling of satisfaction I feel in my soul is tremendous.


[伝説の真の姿]ミルザ [Legendary Form] Mirsa


Evil gods, listen to the sound of my heart beat! The oath of a knight, compassion for the weak, and respect for all life... I must now abandon all these to show my true form. Thank you and good bye forever!


[決戦の前に]ミルザ [On the Eve of Battle] Mirsa


I have something to say to you all. Our greatest foe lies ahead, but I may not be able to help all of you. Thus, here I would like to express my gratitude and bid my farewell. Thank you. We shall meet again someday.


[すべての想いを背に]ミルザ [Bearing All Hopes] Mirsa
My friend Eugen, my parents, my brother who died young, the bandits I defeated, the dining hall lady, the runaway knights, the nomads, the sailors, the Minstrel, the town children, and Aldora, whom I sacrificed. I can but go forward.


[酒は飲まぬのだが]ミルザ [Oh, I Don't Drink] Mirsa


Today's a day worth celebrating, so drink to your heart's content! But forgive me for not drinking with you. Just being here with everyone is more than enough to lift my spirits.