Romancing SaGa En;gliSh

Beginning the another SaGa.

ネーベルスタン Nebelstern

[先陣に立つ勇気が必要]ネーベルスタン [The Courage to Lead] Nebelstern


No matter how capable a general is, victory will only be achieved if his soldiers follow him. He must lead the way and set an example for his men. The enemy may kill him, but courage is of utmost importance to a general.


[将にして勇]ネーベルスタン [A General's Courage] Nebelstern
Rallying troops is the commander's job. But to do that, he must rally himself. Thus, he must be confident on the battlefield, and that requires a daily regiment of training.


[茶の香りで頭がさえる]ネーベルスタン [Tea to Clear the Mind] Nebelstern


A cup of tea in the early morning. The aroma wakes my senses. The mellow sweetness and slight bitterness in my mouth spread through my body, and my faculties are quickened. I'm ready for the day.