Romancing SaGa En;gliSh

Beginning the another SaGa.

バートランド Bertrand

[魔王の落胤]バートランド [Archfiend's Illegitimate Son] Bertrand


Josephine's strength lies in her conviction that she needs someone and that someone needs her. If only I'd met them sooner... Maybe I could also...


[罪過を負う弟]バートランド [The Guilt-Bearing Brother] Bertrand


I've committed many sins and taken many lives. I don't deserve kindness, peace, or joy. I'll shun the sun, clothe myself in darkness, and give my life to the final battle.


[未来を生きる宿命]バートランド [Destined to Live] Bertrand

I lived only with the hope of bringing the world down with me. I've never thought about my future. I'm like a newborn now. Living day after day will be the trial for me.


[ゆっくりと時が流れる]バートランド [Time Goes Slowly] Bertrand

Under this tree is the perfect spot. The gentle breeze rustles the leaves. The sunlight flickers and my eyelids grow heavy. One moment you're reading a book, the next your sister wakes you up. Break's over, huh?